Sky Bridge

CONNECT LOGISTICS is one of the leading providers of logistic services in UAE. As a professional logistics company in Dubai, we are working round the clock to maintain the benchmark-setting quality of service we provide. We have an extensive network of partners to assist our clients in fulfilling all their logistics requirements.

Combining air transport with ocean transport, we provide the best rates along the fast routes to our clients. Sky bridge is a great option if to reduce ocean transport transit time. Sky bridge not only reduces transit time but also is a lot cheaper than traditional airfreight shipment. By combining air cargo and ocean freight solutions, we provide the right balance between cost and time - adding flexibility to our clients’ supply chain.

At CONNECT LOGISTICS, we understand the purpose of air freight is to get cargo in the quickest way possible, but the rates can sometimes be high compared to ocean freight, but ocean freight consumes a lot more time. So, to bring the best of both worlds i.e the best rates along the fastest route, we combine ocean & air freight.

Our experienced personal consult clients and provide them with tailored solutions to facilitate their logistics demands. As a class-setting freight company in Dubai we recognize that every single step of the supply chain is as important as the next. Our extensive network of partners enable us to provide our customers with the best-in-class service, specially designed to work for the customers advantage.

Skybridge allows the customers to keep the logistics cost in check, while not compromising much on the time. Keeping our clients’ first, we work very closely with our logistics partners in Dubai and around the globe to provide you with the best rates, and shipping routes across the world. We have personalized services to meet the requirements of each client. Our cargo service is inarguably the best in Dubai. As logistics specialists in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our exemplary levels of customer service. Our personalized process begins with an in-depth consultation with the client during which we obtain a full understanding of our clients unique business needs and create a personalized plan just for them combining air / ocean transport to ease the customer. Our men on the ground take care of everything, from getting the parcel to airport or from the airport to the port, the customer has to worry about nothing. We believe that a transparent business grows the best, thus during the whole process, our customers are always kept in the loop, by sending them timely reports of their cargo.

We, at CONNECT LOGISTICS, believe much more in customer satisfaction than any other logistics company in UAE. We like to keep an transparent agreement and it is for this reason that from the initial consultation through to confirmation of delivery, we maintain contact and provide regular reports and end-to-end visibility during the whole shipping process. We can have you covered with transport modes across the globe.

If you have can logistics requirement in UAE, to get your cargo to - or - from UAE to any part of the world, get in touch with us today, to get the most competitive rates with unmatched level of professionalism and satisfaction.

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Our reputation for excellence service and reliability makes Connect Logistics the trusted choice among the industries we serve.