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Our main aim at CONNECT LOGISTICS is to provide class-leading transport services with the professionalism that is unmatched in the logistics segment. We are a leading freights company based in Dubai with excelling in fields on air cargo, sea cargo & land cargo in and around Dubai. As a professional logistics company in Dubai, we are working round the clock to maintain the benchmark-setting quality of service we provide.

It wouldn’t be fair to be called as one of the most efficient freight companies in UAE and not provide with all of our clients needs. We not only specialize in logistics but also take care of other requirements as cargo insurance, customs clearance & warehousing.

Our automotive handling services span throughout the globe. Seamless logistics is required to get everything from pre-assembled components down to the last screw to the right place at the right time. As a logistics specialist in Dubai, we offer solutions for the most complex logistics requirements our clients bring forward, for in-bound production material and the distribution of spare parts to anything that involves the automotive industry. Automotive handling supervises the entire delivery chain from procurement through, production to the delivery of the final product.

Here at CONNECT LOGISTICS, with state-of-the-art logistics technology we assure our clients to be sure of their cargo reaching safely. We have the best experienced personnel who are more than well sufficient to handle all our clients’ inbound - outbound requests. Keeping our clients’ first, we work very closely with our partners to make sure your cargo reach on time and in the best of condition. We have personalized services to meet the requirements of the clients. We have our men on the ground, keeping quality in check, so the customer has to worry about nothing.

In today’s global economy, a freight company cannot survive without providing best quality service with the most competitive rates. We, at CONNECT LOGISTICS, believe much more in customer satisfaction than any other logistics company in UAE. We like to keep an transparent agreement and it is for this reason that from the initial consultation through to confirmation of delivery, we maintain contact and provide regular reports and end-to-end visibility during the whole shipping process. If you have any logistics requirement in UAE, to get your cargo to - or - from UAE to any part of the world, get in touch with us today, to get the most competitive rates with unmatched level of professionalism and satisfaction.

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Our reputation for excellence service and reliability makes Connect Logistics the trusted choice among the industries we serve.