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Air Cargo In Dubai

CONNECT LOGISTICS provides the best air cargo services in UAE. As a professional leading-logistics company in Dubai, we understand that we have set a benchmark for our clients’ with the services with provide, and we are always working to set it a little higher than before, with an extensive network ruling the skies to make sure each client is provided with the fastest shipping requirements in Dubai.

We are proud of the long-term relationships we have developed with airlines and charter carriers. Subsequently we are able to obtain capacity, often when other companies cannot, enabling us to operate inbound and outbound airfreight as well as cross trade solutions.The key in connecting two continents is by air transport, and we at CONNECT LOGISTICS strongly believe in this, creating an extensive and highly rich network. We have personalized services to meet the requirements of the clients. We have our men on the ground, keeping quality in check, so the customer has to worry about nothing. From picking the parcel from your end, to delivering to the destination we cover everything from customs clearance to insurance.

At CONNECT LOGISTICS, we understand the purpose of air freight is to get cargo in the quickest way possible, and for that we work closely with our partners to provide the clients with economical and the fastest options possible. With our experienced executives overseeing the entire operation, you can be rest assured that you will be fully satisfied that your shipment will arrive at its destination securely, on time and on budget.

We provide you with the most affordable air freights in the whole of UAE. Out of all the Dubai freight companies we assure you we have an unmatched advantage in terms of quality of service with competitive rates. Our experienced team, after consultation will put together a service plan which is not only affordable but also make sure your cargo reaches on time.

At CONNECT LOGISTICS, each clients’ are provided with tailored solutions to facilitate their shipping demands. As a class-setting freight company in Dubai we recognize that every single step of the supply chain is as important as the next. Our extensive network of partners enable us to provide our customers with the best-in-class service, specially designed to work for their advantage.

Our suite of air services includes:

  • Door to door delivery
  • Airport to airport delivery
  • Airport to door delivery
  • ODC Cargo handling
  • High-value cargo handling
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Temperature sensitive handling
  • Charter Services
  • Courier Logistics

Our Prestigious clients

Our reputation for excellence service and reliability makes Connect Logistics the trusted choice among the industries we serve.