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At Connect Logistics, we go beyond moving your cargo

We move your business...

Connect Logistics Cargo LLC is certified specialists in transport logistics with years of experience in marine, road and air transport.
The company is managed by professionals and experience are confirmed by personal FIATA certificates.

Our main aim at CONNECT LOGISTICS is to provide class-leading transport services with the professionalism that is unmatched in the logistics segment. We devote close attention to all our clients’ needs and combine the best and the fastest possible strategy for the ease of our clients.

We are a leading freights company based in Dubai with excelling in fields on air cargo, sea cargo & land cargo in and around Dubai. We provide logistics services all over the globe. Our solutions encompass the entire logistics chain, from planning to implementation, reaching not just from origin to destination but manufacturing through to consumer. We are working around to clock to meet the ever growing consumer demands. From Dubai, we have captured the world with mastering in sea cargo .

Client satisfaction is our main motto, and with this goal we have partnered with the best-in-class logistics experts to provide unmatched quality of service in delivering cargoes all over the globe without any hassles. Maximum satisfaction from the client is obtained along the route. From door-to-door cargo services to shipping services across the world, we provide in all sectors of logistics, as to make our customers satisfied.

Here at CONNECT LOGISTICS, we use flexible strategy to tailor-make an individual approach to each clients’ need while providing them with the most reliable and fastest response possible.

CONNECT LOGISTICS is committed to providing the highest levels of best in class services as well as in the most cost-effective manner, thereby building lasting commitment and long-term relationship with its customers, principals and partners.

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